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Five Minutes to Midnight?

Ireland and climate change

Dr Kieran Hickey

CLIMATE CHANGE will transform Ireland.

It will bring scorching summers, parched lawns, water rationing and escalating rates of skin cancer. We will see fewer, but bigger and more deadly storms. We can expect muggy, wet winters, flooded streets and sodden lawns.

The character of our cities will change. So will the look and feel of the countryside around them. Native plants and animals will be lost. Salmon will disappear from our rivers, cod from our seas and potatoes from our fields. Exotic new crops and species will replace them. Beaches, farms and golf links will be swept away as large swathes of the coastline are redrawn. In time, beleaguered seaside villages, power stations and even city centres may have to be abandoned.

This may sound like science fiction. Unfortunately, it is not. These scenarios are based on the careful projection of current trends, and the most up-to-date climatological research.

Are these outcomes inevitable? Can we turn things around? In his fascinating introduction to this most pressing of subjects, Dr. Hickey examines how climate change is likely to affect all our lives.

Book Details

ISBN 978 1870132 36 7

Paperback 144 pages, 63 colour & b/w maps, diagrams, tables and illustrations

Book Reviews

"Excellent and at times shocking." Sligo Champion

"Explains what can be a complex and confusing subject in clear language... well worth reading." Ulster Tatler

"This is a surprisingly good book. The surprise comes from the fact that it gives a well-balanced account of global warming rather than the prophesy of doom that the title... would lead a reader to expect. Makes a valuable contribution to popular knowledge." The Irish Catholic

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