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The Night of the Big Wind

The story of the legendary Big Wind of 1839

Peter Carr
Sold Out

The day began well enough... The children were out enjoying the snow. Indoors all was flutter and bustle, for this was Little Christmas, and everyone was looking forward to the evening's festivities.

At about three o'clock in the afternoon, however, it became almost unnaturally calm - so calm that voices floated between farmhouses more than a mile apart. The temperature soared, until by evening the heat had become sickly. Something strange was happening.

No-one knew exactly what. Maybe it was just as well.

For what followed was a nightmare. What followed was the most terrifying night of their lives...

Book Details

ISBN 1 870132 50 5

Paperback 144 pages, 24 illustrations

Book Reviews

"An enthralling, gripping read." Belfast News Letter

"Within a few pages you become hooked as if it were a thriller you were reading." Lisburn Echo

"Has methodological implications for all students of Irish history and culture in its efficient and judicious combining of oral evidence from the national Folklore Archive with documentary evidence of contemporary newspapers. Not only are these sources combined, but an unobtrusive yet alert source criticism is constantly brought to bear on them. The result is a convincing presentation of the storm disaster in its physical, economic, socio-political and cultural aspects." Cork Historical Journal

"So realistic as to actually transfer to today's reader the mounting terror felt by the people of the time." County Louth Archaeological Journal

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