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Arctic Ireland

David Dickson
Sold Out

Modern Ireland has experienced not one but two Great Famines. One of these, that of 1845-51, needs no introduction. Its place in history is secure.

The other, that of 1740-41, was more intense, more bizarre and proportionately more deadly, yet its existence has been all but forgotten. Arctic Ireland lifts the veil on this older, more enigmatic famine, and attempts to restore it to its rightful place in our historical self-understanding.

On the last day of 1739, Ireland awoke to find itself in the grip of a mini Ice Age.

Rivers froze, mills seized up, and houses could not be heated above freezing point. Some people were enchanted by the novelty of it all. Carnivals, dances and sheep-roastings were held on the ice.

But the euphoria proved fleeting. In its wake came an almost biblical ordeal by drought, flood, fire, famine and plague, that has few parallels in the recorded history of the island.

Book Details

ISBN 1 870132 85 8

Paperback 96 pages, 23 illustrations

Book Reviews

'The subtitle of this book is "The extraordinary story of the Great Frost & forgotten famine of 1740-41" and for once the adjectives are fully justifed. For the story... is truly extraordinary' David Hanly, Sunday Tribune

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