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Her Other Language: Northern Irish Women Writers Address Domestic Violence and Abuse cover picture

Her Other Language

Ruth Carr and Natasha Cuddington

Her Other Language is an anthology of writing by women which seeks to focus attention on domestic violence and abuse. Its contributors include distinguished writers such as Lucy Caldwell, Leontia Flynn, Bernie McGill, Joan Newmann and Medbh McGuckian alongside emerging and first-time writers and survivors. Read more...

A Harp of Fishbones book cover picture

A Harp of Fishbones

Folktales of the Harp

Russell Walton

Twenty-seven tales of mystery, passion, intrigue and enchantment - discover the deadly outcome of Uaithne's prophecy, where Thady Elliot's love of whiskey led him...  Read more...

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Women are the Scourge of the Earth book cover picture

Women are the Scourge of the Earth

Frances Molloy

With the publication of her comic debut novel No Mate for the Magpie in 1985, Frances Molloy took the world of Irish letters by storm. But hardly had she arrived than she had gone. Read more...

Gape Row book cover picture

Gape Row

Agnes Romilly White

Can Jinanna escape the poorhouse? Will young Johnny Darragh jilt Ann? Will Mary get saddled with the awful Andy John McCready? Or will Happy Bill, the wayside preacher, nip in first and win them all for God? Read more...

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Gape Row book cover picture

Mrs Murphy buries the Hatchet

Agnes Romilly White

Gape Row ten years on. The war is over. Michael is dead. Mary is in America. But the Row, as ever, is alive with mischief and intrigue..


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