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Unexplained Encounters

Exploring the Paranormal in Ulster

Sheila St.Clair

Forget Mulder & Scully, forget little green men, we don't need to look to fiction or outer space in order to encounter the paranormal. It is alive and well right here in our own backyards.

No one is more aware of this then Sheila St.Clair. For over forty years, in the face of scepticism and at times derision, Sheila St.Clair has been patiently investigating and attempting to understand paranormal phenomena. During this time she has had exposure to an extraordinary range of inexplicable happenings - from poltergeists and apparitions to prophetic fires, 'human' mists, phantom limbs, disembodied spectral heads, possessed houses, possessed people and much else besides.

In Unexplained Encounters the doyenne of Ulster ghostbusting opens her casebook to reveal some of the far from ordinary things that can happen to ordinary people.

Book Details

ISBN 1 870132 01 7

Paperback 121 pages, 9 illustrations

Book Reviews

'An enthralling, gripping read' Belfast News Letter

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