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Angels under my Bed book cover picture

Angels under my Bed

My struggle with cancer

Carol Ann Creagh

"THE CHEMO had totally changed my appearance. My weight had ballooned. From being 7st 10, I had become a 9st 10, druginduced puffball, with a potato head, no hair, no eyebrows and worst of all, no eyelashes. My eyes had gone. You can tell a lot about people from their eyes - the windows to the soul. My eyes had been replaced by two black, lifeless, hollow sockets. My face had become a pallid death mask. Yes, the chemo was working."

Carol Ann Creagh was a vivacious forty-four year old with three jobs, six children, a hectic lifestyle and an ever-so-slightly compulsive personality.

On the 16th of March 2002, however, the mad whirl came to a standstill. Carol Ann discovered a lump. It was cancer. Her painful journey towards a new kind of wellness had begun.

Book Details

ISBN 978-1-870132-41-1

Paperback 128 pages

Book Reviews

‘Written with such honesty, humility and humour that it touches a universal nerve’ Belfast Telegraph

‘A book aimed at "Taking the fear out of cancer"’ Irish Independent

‘A vivid, personal, and highly moving account of the impact of being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness’ Belfast News Letter

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